• ~Where Do i belong ~

    What happens in life doesn't make you strong; rising above does.


    Mountains were made to climb. Weakness allowed to be strengthened.

    Obstacles were designed to be overcome.

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    Where Do I Belong

    This is a memoir of Sarah Carrington. Born and raised in a religious community, Sarah knew nothing about the outside world. Everything she ate, wore, read, and did was governed by the beliefs of her community. A community she grew to call a cult.


    Sarah spent most of her free time as a child in nature with her survival-enthusiast parents. She learned to survive and thrive in all seasons, with few supplies. Then her father died in a tragic accident.


    As adolescence changed her body, it also changed the way some men treated her. At thirteen, needing to escape she left the commune. Woefully unprepared, with minimal education and no believable work skills, she teetered on the brink of homelessness. Her naivety drew her into a world of sex and drugs, without the rock and roll.


    Despite enduring traumas and indignities, she became a sexually confident woman as she searched for a place to belong.


    By age twenty-three, Sarah became an orphan, pregnant, a stepmother, and a guardian to her siblings. But-the world wasn't done with her yet.

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    I've traveled the world, but the beauty of home never ceases to amaze me.

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    Sarah Carrington


    I'm a nature lover by birth. Kayaking, paddle boarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, you name it I am game to try it.


    I've been fortunate enough to swim in a few oceans, see a few castles, and get a few stamps on my passport over the years. A far cry from sleeping in bus stations and phone booths.


    This year marks a few big changes in my life: full-time college in the fall, a book release mid-spring, and I'm an empty nester!


    My handsome rescue dog Dudley smiles and keeps me company. He loves to kayak and paddleboard on the lake with me. He races ahead to sniff out any animals while we hike the neighbouring hills. I hope you love animals as much as I do, for if you're following my Instagram, you will see more of him than me.

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